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Welcome to my thoughts on living with Parkinson’s Disease

  • The year 2021 is almost done
    While I’d love to say “time flies when you are having fun.”, that’s not the reason that I haven’t done a blog post since April 2020.   I’ve written many  articles in my head, they just don’t get down on paper.  There are  a variety of reasons why including Parkinsons.  In general, I’d say my Parkinson’s… Read more: The year 2021 is almost done
  • My Short Pitch for Aware in Care. (Dealing with the dangers of Parkinson’s and hospitalization.)
  • Living Well – Parkinson's Disease is Your Partner for Life
    I thought I wrote this blog entry Saturday and then read it Sunday morning and realized it was not what I wanted to write at all. Then my internet went down , so now I am re-writing it hopefully as I intended. This too is part of Parkinson’s, the part people don’t really know about… Read more: Living Well – Parkinson's Disease is Your Partner for Life
  • Parkinson IQ and YOU
    On January 11, 2020 Ron and I attended a Parkinson’s Symposium sponsored by the Michael J Fox Foundation, called Parkinson’s IQ and YOU. These sessions are being held throughout the country and started last fall, I believe this was the third one. The next one is March 7, 2020 at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood,… Read more: Parkinson IQ and YOU
  • End of Year Summary
    It’s been an interesting year.  On one hand I say that my life is in a state of equilibrium at the moment but I continue to be frustrated with my body and it’s aches and pains.  I guess in one respect things are good – my friends have stiffness, aches and pain and at least… Read more: End of Year Summary
  • Night and Day
    In the past few entries , I’ve mentioned that I’m feeling better than I have in years.   So I went back to my notes.  I’m definitely better than I was before the Mediterranean Cruise in 2014 when the back pain increased.  Part of it is just healing of the back over time, but a lot… Read more: Night and Day
  • What a difference a week makes
    When we are at our family retreat, I attend a 9am yoga class. It’s close so I usually drive.  Two weeks ago, as I pulled out, I asked myself if I took my medicine and I doubted myself but thought I did. I was okay through the class but a little stiff.  Sure enough I… Read more: What a difference a week makes
  • Advocating for Parkinson’s Care
    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a training session on the general topic of what happens when a person with Parkinson’s is hospitalized.  I’ve encouraged people to order these Aware in Care packages for years, but now  I have an even better understanding of WHY we want these bags and how… Read more: Advocating for Parkinson’s Care
  • Update on how I’m living with Parkinson’s Disease
    We all know that Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease.  But my Movement Disorder Specialist says that if it starts slow, it usually stays at a slow rate of change and visa versa.  In other words the younger you develop this the longer you are going to have to live with it.   He also says you… Read more: Update on how I’m living with Parkinson’s Disease
  • References
    Websites related to people I met and services I might want to reference again.
  • A Typical Day with Parkinson’s
    Re-reading my April 29 post, it doesn’t really describe how I feel about “Living with Parkinsons” at this point. The bottom line is that it frustrating and scary. It’s frustrating in that it consumes my thoughts a huge percentage of the time.
  • Living with Parkinson’s April 2019
    This is a long overdue update on my “journey with Parkinson’s.” As previously mentioned every case is different. Dr. Barbano stated that progression is usually linear but at the moment my slope is approaching zero and in reality I’m doing much better than definitely a year and up to several years ago in the motor skills, although probably a little (but not much) worse on non-motor symptoms.
  • My Story
    I have had a movement disorder issue since mid-2004. It was ultimately diagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease is diagnosed by observation of symptoms and their reaction to dopamine. While most often thought of as tremors or jerky movement, in general it is a slowing of the body due to lack of dopamine and various… Read more: My Story
  • A New Normal for the New Year
    Holiday greetings.   Another year.  I’ve been dealing with this ever changing movement issue going on 15 years, since 2004 and it’s almost 2019.   I know people have it worse but   the constant pains and probably more exactly, the uncertainty of what’s next is a constant fear. Yes, I’m feeling better and people say I look… Read more: A New Normal for the New Year

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