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New sites and organizations (at least to me) that I think will be useful to my friends, support group members and others with Parkinson’s Disease

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s Get Larry’s Podcast Here

Larry Gifford has developed an excellent podcast about Living with Parkinson’s.  He did a special series for the Conference but has I believe 17 episodes available for download

Perseverance by Tim Hague Order book link

Perseverance by Tim Hague.  This book, written by a person with Parkinson’s who won The Amazing Race Canada has received good reviews as a motivational book. 

National Parkinson’s Foundation Link to their site

National Parkinson’s Foundation.  This is the group sponsors Moving Day, an event that I participate in for both their Rochester and Boca Raton offices. After a merger of two groups a few years ago, I believe that they are the biggest group of this kind for Parkinson’s Support and Education. that U of Rochester Neurology affiliates with and they have an office in Rochester. They have lots of patient literature and programs.  They are involved with advocacy  and the have a Q&A board staffed by doctors and a support group  forum.  (note, no s in their name)

PMD Alliance Website

PMD Alliance . Their mission is to provide opportunities for people with movement disorders to live better, learn and network with similarly afflicted people.  †

American Parkinson Disease Association Website

American Parkinson Disease Association This group has a lot of website information for newly diagnosed and supports local support groups.

Michael J Fox Foundation Website

Michael J Fox.  Fund raises and supports research to find a cure.  Also hosts educational webinars and educational material. Has a listing of available clinical trials.