World Parkinson Congress 2019

We have attended our third World Parkinson Congress. The first one we attended was in Montreal, Canada in 2013 and the second was in Portland Oregon in 2016. The next one will be Barcelona in 2022. This group attempts to include people with Parkinson’s, caregivers, PT, OT, social workers, trainers, medical researchers, doctors, medical students, etc.

  • Japan and More
    A brief selection of our photographs from our trip Japan and More
  • World Parkinson Congress
    World Parkinson Congress 2019 So, how did we wind up in Kyoto Japan this June 2019.  Well I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005. As with everyone when you are in your late 40’s as I was, it takes a while to accept.  I think I did by 207 I did, but for Ron… Read more: World Parkinson Congress
  • Why we attend WPC2019
    Why we attend WPC2019 So why do we attend WPC.   WPC attempts to bring together the entire Parkinson’s Community.  This includes doctors, researchers, grad students, PWP, caregivers and all sorts of support people in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, living arrangements, physical and occupational therapy, exercise, etc.  It was amazing too that most of the PWP and… Read more: Why we attend WPC2019
  • Traveling to Japan
    Traveling to Japan So, we left for Kyoto on May 29 from ELM and had the typical layover in DTW before flying to LAX.  We arrived about 3:30PM local time. We went straight from the airport to our college friend Ralph’s house in Manhattan Beach.  We visited for about two hours and then WE DROVE… Read more: Traveling to Japan
  • Arriving in Kyoto
    Arriving in Kyoto We boarded our Hawaiian Airlines flight to Osaka but then we were delayed 3  hours with a repair in the cargo hold.  It was a smooth flight but Ron had actually booked it wrong and  while we boarded on the morning of June 3, with the travel and international date line we… Read more: Arriving in Kyoto
  • About the Conference
    About the Conference This was our third Conference so we knew what to expect.  We learned however that in Japan, pharmaceuticals  can’t talk to end users and certain items like cannabis can’t be discussed.  So many topics that we wanted such as new drugs coming to market, current stage 3 trials, etc. were not available. … Read more: About the Conference
  • WPC2019 Day1
    Conference Day 1 WE decided to take a taxi to the conference the first day.  It was about 20 minutes from the hotel. I tend not to go to the large theater events. I find them overwhelming and I can’t tolerate the big crowds. So I started my day in the Renewal room with Yoga… Read more: WPC2019 Day1
  • WPC 2019 Day2
    Conference Day 2 Thursday we took a walk in the morning and saw one of the local shrines and then took the subway to the conference. I attended the end of the Tai Chi and then stayed for the Mighty Maestro class in the Wellness area while Ron attended the main sessions.. Today’s main sessions… Read more: WPC 2019 Day2
  • WPC2019 Day 3
    Conference Day 3 The last day we took the subway to the conference.  I went to a PD Movement session but then to the main session. Today’s topics were about Living with Parkinson’s  and managing related problems.   I also spent more time in the vendor fair talking with the folks from Parkinson Foundation in Miami.… Read more: WPC2019 Day 3
  • Traveling Home from Kyoto
    Travel home from Kyoto Saturday morning we took a taxi to Kyoto Station.  We purchased our ticket for a 3pm train to Osaka airport and then took the Sky Bus Hop On/Off.   We got off at a local market and then we wanted to get off at one of the big Temples but it was… Read more: Traveling Home from Kyoto
  • WPC2019 Personal Summary
    Parkinsons and WPC2019 – Summary So, I’ve had Parkinson’s for 14+ years and I don’t know why or how  but for at least some part of the day I’m doing the best I’ve been doing in 6-7 years or more.  I am usually pain free for at least some of the day. However we know… Read more: WPC2019 Personal Summary
  • References
    Websites related to people I met and services I might want to reference again.

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