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So it was almost four years ago that we lost our office building and retired.   I don’t know where the time goes.   We’ve in our third summer with the Rock Hill family retreat home and we’ve had three winters in Lake Worth.  Ilene and Keegan have been married for 10 years; Jonathan and Jessica are celebrating their second anniversary soon and they just purchased a home in the Bronx.  Nava is 3 years old and learning new things every day and Orli is 5 months old, born on her father’s birthday in February.

So how do I spend my time.  It seems projects just never get done.  My biggest goal is to reduce clutter by scanning in old photos.  It’s a huge project and having Parkinson’s just makes it slower because I can only get work done when the drugs are “On”.  I spend a lot of time exercising.  This includes water weights, yoga, boxing, biking, etc.  I spent so much time with various exercises last winter that I really didn’t have time to join a card game or socialize.  I did take  Bridge lessons so I hope to play that more in the next year as well as mahjong and canasta.   Ron was getting board for a while when some of the SCORE projects weren’t active but he plays tennis, racquetball and pickleball – usually at least two of them in any given day.  So as long as he doesn’t have an injury, he’s happy.  I’d love for him to learn bridge too but so far he’s resisting.

So we continue day by day and hopefully we will continue to have a good life for many years to come and when one project finishes, there always seems to be a new one behind it.  Living with Parkinson’s, it’s hard to stay upbeat and excited about life.   But I know that’s exactly what I need to be doing.