My Parkinson’s Medical History

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I have had a movement disorder issue since mid-2004. It was ultimately diagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease is diagnosed by observation of symptoms and their reaction to dopamine. While most often thought of as tremors or jerky movement, in general it is a slowing of the body due to lack of dopamine and various medicines and other procedures are implemented to increase dopamine. Read More

Living Day by Day

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So it was almost four years ago that we lost our office building and retired.   I don’t know where the time goes.   We’ve in our third summer with the Rock Hill family retreat home and we’ve had three winters in Lake Worth.  Ilene and Keegan have been married for 10 years; Jonathan and Jessica are celebrating their second anniversary soon and they just purchased a home in the Bronx.  Nava is 3 years old and learning new things every day and Orli is 5 months old, born on her father’s birthday in February.

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