Night and Day

Categories: New Parkinsons

In the past few entries , I’ve mentioned that I’m feeling better than I have in years.   So I went back to my notes.  I’m definitely better than I was before the Mediterranean Cruise in 2014 when the back pain increased.  Part of it is just healing of the back over time, but a lot of it is good PT, trainers, and massage therapists and lots of exercise on my side. 

PD is progressive disease and it shows on this PDRS graph, although I think part of the changes is due to me understanding the symptoms better.

It’s a bit awkward to outwardly look like I’m getting better. It feels good for people to say that “you look great” but I know that they don’t see the “behind the scenes”.  There’s a huge difference between 6am and 6pm.  At 6am, I am stiff, I use a walker to get to the bathroom; At 6pm, I can play pickleball or walk a mile.  I don’t understand it.  I know the trainer says to keep doing the exercises, stretches, etc. but I know no matter how hard I try I wake up stiff.   I’m glad I have part of the day feeling good and  hopefully will stay this way for a long time.

Also, I’ve realized that I’m the one who has had PD the longest in my boxing class. I sort of like to brag about this as a way of showing what you might be able to do if you work hard with your body.