Friedman Family Newsletter

Year 39 Number 2
where in the world are Ron and Gloria

It’s hard to believe we are completing five years of retirement.  Luckily, 2019 has been relatively uneventful.   Although my pictorial review of the year is still 50 pages.   The pictures to the right are from Rosh Hashana and Thanksgiving.  Orli will be 2 in February and Nava will be 5 in April.  She will start Kindergarten in the fall.  Jonathan and Jessica had a little excitement with a house fire, but hopefully that will be behind them soon.

As for Ron and I, our big vacation this past year was to Japan for the World Parkinson Congress.  We visited with 11 different members of our greater circle of friends and family as we traveled.  We will be taking a cruise next week.

I continue to do a heavy load of exercises and I’ve felt well enough to take on some volunteer work including advocacy for problems that occur when people with Parkinson’s are hospitalized.  I’ve also been advising people who are newly diagnosed.   I try to put as much of this information as I can – see my regular website and a special one I just started

We welcome visitors and have had several friends visit us at the “Lake House” and we are looking forward to seeing some college friends for the last night of Chanukah and some high school friends for New Year’s Eve.

At Fern Resnick’s daughter’s wedding
Ron and Gloria on Celebrity Edge

Nava and Orli open presents

In the upcoming year we decided to come change our north/south schedule a bit so please check with us if you will be in New York or Florida so we can visit.   The High Holydays, Passover and Thanksgiving will be North and Chanukah will be South as of the moment.

Our 5th Annual Pi party will be March 14, 2020 noon to 4. at our winter home  at Valencia Shores in Lake Worth.   Come join us as we celebrate the Greek letter Pi and related foods. 

RSVP by email or phone/text 607-731-4967

So, where in the world are we going to be in 2020

In 2020 we have two trips planned.  The week of May 2 we will sail on the Carnival Horizon to the ABC Islands in the Southern Caribbean. 

Then August 15 we fly to London, we will have a few days of sightseeing and then travel to Southampton to cruise on the Regal Princess.  We plan to see the Edinburgh Tattoo and Normandy and of course much more.

Happy Chanukah / Merry Christmas

and have a great 2020.

With all our love from

Ron and Gloria Friedman