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Arriving in Kyoto

We boarded our Hawaiian Airlines flight to Osaka but then we were delayed 3  hours with a repair in the cargo hold.  It was a smooth flight but Ron had actually booked it wrong and  while we boarded on the morning of June 3, with the travel and international date line we arrived the night of June 4 and therefore missed the Buddy event and opening ceremonies of the Conference.  We realized this before the trip but could not change the  hotel or flight.  The hotel knew we were going to be a day late on our reservation.

So we arrived three hours late to Osaka.  Luckily we didn’t check luggage.  By the time we figured out the trains, we had to “run” for the last train of the night to Kyoto and were told to pay on board.  The cars were packed and we were by the door the first 2/3 of the trip (I had my travel camp stool to sit on.).  We arrived in Kyoto and the English taxis were gone for the night but the driver understood the name of our hotel.

We arrived at the hotel and it was very nice.  They insisted on bringing our bags to the room and the representative even escorted us to the room and did the check-in in the room.