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World Parkinson Congress 2019

So, how did we wind up in Kyoto Japan this June 2019.  Well I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005. As with everyone when you are in your late 40’s as I was, it takes a while to accept.  I think I did by 207 I did, but for Ron it was closer to 2009.  In any case I was able to  function reasonably well but we did slow down our work schedule and increase our traveling.  Slowly walking became more difficult and after a strenuous walking trip  in Krakow in 2015 I had severe back/spine problems.  I had back surgery July 2016 which did not solve the pain.  Working with a good neuro physical therapist and therapeutic masseuse, I feel much better now  but still can’t walk long distances.

In any case when we heard about World Parkinson Congress 2013 in Montreal, it was an easy decision to attend, 6-7 hour drive and we had not been there in many years, we never were to Portland so again, an easier decision, although I spend a good deal of time in a wheelchair in September 2016 but we flew in and out of Seattle, visited friends and attended the conference.     My husband enjoys hearing about the research and I enjoy the more practical sessions on what is on the market or  how to “live better”

When Ron heard WPC2019 was in Japan , he got very excited because we never traveled to that part of the world.  He booked a hotel 300 days in advance (as early as they take reservations) but I kept saying no, not with my back pain.  I finally let him book the rest of the trip late in 2018.   WE tried to make the time zone difference less painful by stopping in Los Angeles and Honolulu on the way out and Honolulu and Seattle on the way back.  I think it probably helped and we got to visit old and new friends.  

I did have a little crisis on the way back.  I started getting excessive dyskinesias which I had not had in about two years but a day or so after I got home, they dissipated.  So we headed out May 29 and returned June 11 while attending the June 3-6 conference.